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    September 8, 2016, was both ordinary and impressive, but for kaisheng, it was a season of renewal. Today, we gather together and solemnly hold the grand strategy -- kaisheng lighting supply chain management improvement pledge conference to witness the official launch of the supply chain management improvement project!

    President yao's speech ------

    Vice President zhong's speech ------

    Yao vice President speech ------

    Staff representative's speech ------

    Section chief representative speech --------

    Manager's speech ------

    General manager yao will present the certificate to the team members

    Pledge conference group photo --------

    Vows of allegiance ------

    Manager yao led all the staff to read the oath --------

    Thanks to the wonderful speeches of the three bosses of broad strategy, the pledge conference was successfully held in the multi-function hall of guangdong kaisheng lighting technology co., LTD on September 8, 2016.

    We are kaisheng people and we are proud of kaisheng.