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2016 LED exhibition in mumbai, India

LED Expo has been held in new Delhi and mumbai since 2009. The exhibition scale and number of exhibitors have been increasing year by year, and the industry enjoys high praise. LED Expo is a large-scale and influential professional exhibition in India. Since 2015, LED Expo has been hosted by the well-known exhibition group Frankfurt messe, which enjoys high reputation in the lighting industry. At present, India has ranked among the top ten economies in the world. With the rapid development of economy, the growth rate of LED industry in India in recent years is amazing. This exhibition will certainly provide the best professional commercial platform for Chinese LED enterprises to enter the Indian market.

The last fair, held in mumbai in May 2015, attracted 16,452 visitors from more than 300 manufacturers in India and other countries. The number of exhibitors has increased every year. 88% of visitors were very satisfied; 8% of visitors were satisfied; Only 4% of the feedback was unsatisfactory. 45% of the exhibitors said that more than 2,000 people visited their booth for consultation and negotiation.

[market overview]

India's LED imports are growing as the global market for LED applications expands. India mainly imports LED products, of which 80% are from China. With the rapid urbanization and industrialization in India, the demand for electricity has been surging, and the Indian government is considering transforming the traditional lighting system into an environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED lighting system. The LED lighting market in India is expected to grow by 41.5% annually through 2015. Therefore, the LED market in India will be one of the most promising emerging markets in the global LED market, and it is also a golden opportunity for the LED lighting industry.

India's economy has maintained a growth rate of 8% for three consecutive years, with rapid growth in industry, agriculture and the service sector, especially the service and manufacturing sectors. India is now one of the world's top 10 economies. It is predicted that by 2020, India will become the fourth largest economy in the world after the United States, China and Japan. China overtook the us as India's biggest trading partner in 2007, with bilateral trade reaching $38.6bn, up 55 per cent year-on-year. Mumbai is the largest city of India, is the industrial and commercial, financial center, known as India's "commercial capital" and "financial capital", indians often say its status is equivalent to the importance of Shanghai in China.

[scope of exhibits]

LED lighting, LED application products, LED signage and display, LED components/accessories and raw materials, LED manufacturing equipment/machinery and related products, LED drivers and power supplies, LED related products, etc.