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In 2016, the 7th Hong Kong international spring lighting exhibition was held in Hong Kong, and LED lamps became the biggest highlight

Recently, the 7th Hong Kong international lighting fair was held in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center from April 6 to April 9, 2016. More than 1,250 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions participated in the fair, which was the largest number of exhibitors ever. At the meeting, many enterprises compete to show the latest lighting products, lighting technology and intelligent lighting solutions, etc.

Hong Kong international spring lighting show highlights

It is reported that this year's exhibition for the first time to welcome German, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian and British exhibitors; Regional pavilions have also been set up in jiangmen and zhongshan cities in guangdong province. The exhibition is divided into several exhibition areas, including "LED and environment-friendly lighting", covering indoor and outdoor environment-friendly and energy-saving products of more than 500 enterprises to meet the market demand; In addition, a new exhibition area, "professional and industrial lighting world", will be set up to showcase professional lighting and lighting systems, including emergency and safety lighting, building lighting and large-scale site lighting, to suit specific locations and industrial environments; "Mingdeng meantong" showcases the lighting series of over 240 well-known brands, showcasing lighting and technology with special design and excellent functions. "Chuangyi gallery" focuses on the creative lighting design of young designers.

LED lighting products were popular at the show

The United States and the European Union, Hong Kong's two biggest export markets for the lighting industry, have banned the sale of incandescent bulbs, while China, Hong Kong's third largest market, plans to follow suit in 2016. The demand for environmentally friendly lighting products is increasing, so LED products will continue to be popular in this exhibition.

The exhibition features a number of innovative products, including lamps that combine environmental protection, smart home elements and other electrical functions. A company has come up with a new smart bluetooth LED music bulb that doubles as a light bulb and a wireless speaker.

During the exhibition, a number of seminars and exchange activities will be held. The seminar will provide first-hand information on the latest legal specifications and green lighting design for LED lighting. Buyer BBS analyzes opportunities in the Middle East, Brazil and us markets.

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